Support for Kuta Software

If your problem is not listed, contact Please include specific error messages and details.

Can't Open an Assignment

Description: You can't open an assignment created on a different computer.

Solution: The assignment was most likely created with a newer version of our software. Update your software and you should be able to open the assignment.

All Activations are in Use

Description: You can't activate the software and you get the message "All activations are in use."

Cause: A single-user license can only be activated on up to two computers at once.

Solution: Deactivate the software from one of the computers it is currently activated on. You can then activate it on a different computer. If you no longer have access to the computer you need to deactivate, contact customer support to remove the activation.

Program is Asking to Activate Again

Description: When I start the program, it asks me to activate again but it is already activated on this computer.

Possible Causes and Solutions

  1. The activation data was lost because your computer was re-imaged.
    • Solution: You should be able to activate the software again. The Kuta Software servers will recognize your computer as one that the software should already be on.
  2. (Single-user license only) A different user activated the program than the user that is currently logged in. A single-user license activation is only good for the user that activated it.
    • Solution: Log in as the user that activated it.
  3. Certain fundamental hardware or software components upon which the computer is identified were changed.
    • Solution: Contact customer support to remove the record of the previous activation.

Printing Errors or No Printing

Solution: Update your printer drivers.

SMART Board no longer works with Kuta Software after upgrading.

Description: I can no longer use my SMART Board to write on Kuta Software worksheets while in presentation mode.

Cause: We upgraded our tooling for version 2.60 and SMART Board's configuration no longer recognizes our software.

Solution: Update the SMART Board configuration file to recognize all versions of our Infinite Math products.

  1. Locate the file NullOverlayConfig.xml It may be located in one of these folders:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SMART Technologies\Education Software\
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SMART Technologies\SMART Product Drivers\
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SMART Technologies\SMART Ink\
  2. Make a backup copy of this file (maybe copy to your desktop) just in case you mess up the file.
  3. Open NullOverlayConfig.xml from the original location.
  4. Find the section:
  5. Below that section, paste this new section.
  6. Save the file (overwriting the existing file).
  7. Reboot the computer and try to use the pen in our software again.
NOTE: We have informed Smart Technologies of this problem. They will incorporate the change to NullOverlayConfig.xml in future updates.

Internet access required to complete activation.

Description: You are getting a "Cannot Connect" error when activating your Kuta Software product.

Cause: All Kuta Software desktop products need to communicate with our activation server. If you do not have an active internet connection or a firewall or proxy server is preventing you from accessing the Kuta Software servers, then activation of your product will not finish.

Solution: There are two potential solutions to this problem:

  1. Contact your system administrator to configure your firewall or proxy server to allow access to Kuta Software's server. They may request the IP address and port number information which is below:
    IP address:
    Ports: 80 and 443
  2. If you know that you don't use a proxy server, then set your Kuta Software product to not use one.
    1. Start your Kuta Software desktop app.
    2. On the first screen, select "Configure Proxy Settings".
    3. Change the option to "No Proxy".
    4. Click OK to close the window.
    5. Continue the activation process by clicking "Next".

Saving an assignment crashes the software.

Description: My Kuta Software desktop application crashes when I try to save an assignment.

Cause: It is likely that the software has gotten into a bad state where attempting to access your default save/open folder is causing the program to crash.

Solution: To get out of this state, you can copy a .ks file for the appropriate application onto a local drive location (like your desktop). Double-click on that file to start the program, then save. This will ensure the default save/open folder is no longer the problem.

For your convenience, we have provided some links to download sample assignment files from each product: