Site License Renewals

Site licenses expire at the end of the license term. The standard term, which is the one offered on our website, is three years. Unless you explicitly chose a different license term when you purchased your software, your site license is good for three years from the date of first use.

Our software displays the expiration date when you activate the software. You can also click Help > About to view or refresh the expiration date.

Site licenses may be renewed at any time prior to the expiration of the current term or within 90 days of the current term’s expiration date.

Renewal terms, like our initial license terms, are regularly three years. Other durations are available upon request. Renewing your software adds time to its current expiration date, or starts a new license period if the software has already expired. Expired software may not be used and should be removed from all computers until renewed or repurchased.

You can renew any or all site licenses for a particular site, together or separately, regardless of when they were purchased or when they expire. Additionally, you can buy new site license software at the same time to get additional savings.

Please include a completed renewal form with your renewal order.

We can provide custom price quotes for synchronizing the expiration dates of your licenses or for renewing your software for a period other than three years. Contact with your request.

Pricing for renewals is on a per-site basis. If you are responsible for software at more than one site, find the price for each site in the table below and then add the prices together.

Pricing For One Site To Renew for Three Years

Number of products you are renewing Number of products you are adding
Zero One Two Three Four Five
One $320 $621 $914 $1,206 $1,497 $1,788
Two $552 $849 $1,143 $1,435 $1,726
Three $784 $1,079 $1,372 $1,665
Four $1,016 $1,310 $1,603
Five $1,248 $1,541
Six $1,480
Renewal Order Form

All prices are in US dollars. Software that is renewed or purchased using the pricing above must be used at the same site that is currently licensed to use the software. The table is based on a quantity of one for each product and on all products being different. Overpayments shall be used to renew the software for longer.